10 Best Summer Jobs

When you get to College, you actually realize that you will get at least some amount of Free times in the next 3/4 years of your college.

Now, some decide to “utilize” their time by doing all the fun that they decided while getting out of their High School.

While some decide not just to play around and enjoy but also to make some Money and Experience with their Time. This actually can come out to be a very good step for students towards their Future. Not only will they be able to Earn some money to pay off their expenses but also will get a chance to find out How actually they Manage their Money.

So, if you are the One who is actually planning to find a good Job for You. Here is the List of the 10 Best Summer Jobs available for You.

List of the 10 Best Summer Jobs

1) Event Planner – You are a kind of Person who loves to party and enjoy being in an event, then this can be a good thing for you.

Companies who do this kind of Planning for corporate or individual gigs, look for part-timers. So that they can help them out with the work in there is a peak time.

You can help them to manage and carry out their social or individual events. Mostly they will hire you as an assistant but still if the gig is big enough, you can get a decent paycheck.

2) Retail Sales – This can be the most open and also a decent job for college students.

Summer times happens to be one of the peak market time of major retailers. Thus they always need more hands to perform their task. Which makes it easy to get into one of the retails stores.

This is a very diverse field and will provide you with more People Skills than Money. Although you can make a good amount of money for you.

Keeping Inventory, Sales, customer service or taking care of the Cash Register can be a part of your Job.

This can be one of the best options in order to develop skills like Team skills and others.

3) Camp Counselor – If you are a sports person and love outdoor activities like camping, hiking, then this job is a perfect fit for you. Although the job is to Look after and Manage groups of Kids in the summer camp

If you ever thought of becoming a Leader in your field in the future, then this job can help you.

Your job will be like to spend time with kids in outdoor, to manage them, to help them develop new skills.

As much fun it could be, the payout for some annual camp counselor is really good. So you can get a chance to make a good amount of money.

4) Internship – Many Good companies offer paid Internship to Students during summer. This can be a good opportunity for you to make some good money while working for a good organization.

It can be an experience packed job, because getting into the corporate culture and knowing it first hand is really important. Moreover, the experience will help you in the future.

And, let’s say, if you are confused about choosing the best career for you, then you can try and get Internships on the respective career jobs to get a first-hand experience. This will help you understand your career and industry way better thus you will choose wisely.

5) Golf Caddy – Golf caddy can be a good option for a summer job.

Summers are always a great time for Golfing and thus courses in this time, look for temporary Golf caddies to help them out in their Rush Hour.

Now, the hourly pay, may not be the best but also not bad. But, you can earn a lot more from the tips and perks from generous Golfers.

If you really like outdoor sports and have little knowledge about the game and have the physical abilities to carry out the task like walking a lot, carrying a golf bag, etc, then this can be for you.

6)Pet-Sitter – As you can understand from the name itself. You will have to take care of Your Client’s Pet.

If you are an animal lover and have some previous experience with animals.

This is a very important job because people will leave their Pet on your responsibility. And you have to take care of everything for maybe a few Hours or maybe Few Days.

The pay scale depends on the kind of job you get. You can charge Hourly or complete Contract.

7)Computer Expert – If you happen to have some computer knowledge like Hardware and Software stuff, then you can monetize your skill.

You can get a job as a Computer Technician and start doing Repairing/updating computers.

Or let’s say you know about coding, programming, website development, social media and all. Then also you can apply for various jobs in this field. You can even start your own stuff by approaching various small business that needs Tech help like setting up a website, social media handling and all.

So there is a lot of scopes.

8) Freelancer – There are several websites like Fiverr that provides a good platform for any individual to showcase their work in order to get more Gigs through new clients.

If you have any skills like Photography, Designing, Sound Producing or anything, you can make a profile in websites like Fiverr / Upwork to get more jobs.

You will get paid according to How much work you are getting and How people are liking your work.

9) Insurance Agent – As the name suggests you work will be to sell Insurance Policies to your clients.

Now you can become an insurance agent by giving some exams and then getting the certification, which is not hard at all. It just builds your knowledge about the product/service.

If you know how to influence people and can communicate your message well then you can actually make a good amount of money out of it.

10)Data entry jobs – This is a very common solution for a day job. Many students apply for Data Entry Jobs and people with good typing speed get the Job.

The job is mainly for Keeping Data records and you actually don’t need major skill to apply for the Job.

You may get a decent Hourly Pay, but the job itself is tedious and boring.

Moreover, you should be careful while choosing a company for this job because there are many frauds in the market.


Bonus: Reselling in Ebay/Olx – If you happen to get any left around stuff in your house and want to get rid of it, you might just sell it on these websites.

Reselling might be the most historic method of making money.

I mean, you find something at a lower price (comparatively), then you can just Buy it and then Sell it these websites at a Higher Price. You can make a Decent amount of Profit by reselling.


Conclusion – In the list of 10 Best Summer Jobs, you will surely find something that suits your lifestyle. And as soon as you decide, try to apply for it because there is no shortage of candidates for a Job.



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