People attain their Financial Freedom because they follow certain rules on What to Do in their life. In the same may, they also follow certain rules on What to Avoid doing in their Life. So today we will talk about 3 things rich people avoid doing.

Now getting rich is easier compare to staying rich. The actions that you take literally dictates your Financial situation and thus rich people stay very mindful in their action taking.

So, let’s discuss the 3 things Rich people avoid doing.

The 3 Things

1) Ignoring Problems – This is really an important point and thus I’m putting it as number 1.

Look, people who are not successful in their terms, always find faults of other people.

They always play the blame game. They believe that they are the victims and everyone else is trying to beat them down. They blame everyone except them in any faulty situations.

Poor people actually never take responsibilities of their own mistakes. They never own it.

But rich people, on the other hand, is different. They don’t play the blame game.

Rich people always own stuff even if it is a mistake. They take things on themselves and never let that victim mentality get in their way.

They can change the thing or make it good only when they Own it. Only when they realize that it was their own fault and thus can be changed in the future.

For example, if a not so successful guy faces a financial problem, they will always find someone to blame for their situation. maybe the market, their family, their job or maybe the Government.

But Rich people, on the other hand, will sit down and will find out the main cause of it and will find a solution to it. Maybe they will try to be more conscious of the spendings or maybe they will try to increase their earning and so forth.

This is the main difference. They don’t avoid their problems, they go straight for it.


2) Moving from One thing to Another – Not so successful people always tend to do this.
They fail to stick to one thing at a time.

Rich people or people who are successful in their field, always keep a keen Focus on their work.

They get so focused on their job or their task they actually don’t even consider other things at that time. But poor people fail to focus.

Rich people are very very clear on their purpose and no matter what happens, they generally stick to the path. They might change the way but not the purpose.

Not so successful generally caught up in many things. They fail to remain straight with their purpose and thus causing them to change.

They failed to concentrate on the work thus it breaks the flow and they never get the chance to find what it likes to be successful.

Now, it is very much necessary to do important things with utter focus and attention in order to make it happen. So rich people don’t mess around with it.

They set a goal and stick to it with a clear focus. They avoid moving from one thing to another.


3) Saving vs Investing – Poor People Save but Rich People Invest.

This is a very common thing done by not so successful people. They tend to save money when they can but never make any good use of that money.

Rich people really understand How Money Works and How to make it work for them.


It is very necessary to Invest and not just to Save. Investment is one of the best vehicles to make your money work for you and to make you rich even when you are not working.

Think about the number of Dividends you might get if you had invested in a good company at a proper time. It could have made you money consistently. The same goes for Real Estate Investing. Any Investing is good until and unless you are speculating.

So, in general, poor people end up Saving Money while Rich People continue to Invest. This keeps poor people poor while Rich makes more money every day.

These were the 3 things that rich people avoid doing and I believe that I made it somewhat clear to you.

Try to avoid these things to increase your chances.

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