Today, we will talk about 5 Jobs That Will No Longer Exist In Future and this is not a guarantee, but an assumption.

Nobody can tell the future but it can be somewhat predicted.

The pace at which technology and robotics are developing and growing, we can easily predict that Future will be full of machines.

For some, this can be of great advantages but for some, this can hurt.

Certain industries and field will replace the human workforce with the machines and this will cause a lot of unemployment.

This article is just to raise awareness among people so that they can plan for the future at the right time.

Below are the few jobs we believe that will no longer exist in the future.


5 Jobs That Will No Longer Exist In Future


1) Cashiers – There is a lot of people who work as a Cashier of some sort.

Some may be in a mall or any other place. These also include instore people who are responsible for sales.

These are quite obvious by the increase in automation that these jobs will be gone in the future.

There is already machines and software that is able to do self-checking of the items but they still need guidance.

Although the technologies are improving so fast that it can flip anytime.

You might find the fully automated machines in the stores in a few years.

You must have heard about what Amazon did! They have started testing a platform calling AMAZON GO.

Overthere you can just walk in and take whatever you need and just walk out and Amazon will automatically scan and will deduct the amount from your account.

Yes, it is so easy. Although it is not mainstream this will be soon. Because it is fast, effective and more importantly it will make shopping for customers way easier and that’s what a seller wants.


2) Manufacturing Workers – This is almost mainstream.

The way companies used to manufacture things has changed drastically.

Way back people used to do all the stuff with their hands. Then came the machines, still people used to do the main jobs. Then came advanced machines and most of the workload shifted from human to machine.

As demand and technologies advanced, the machines started to take over the jobs of hundreds and thousands of workers.

Now the time is almost there when companies will no longer need human labor for manufacturing.

They have well built and automated machines to operate all the works.

Just think about how automobiles used to be manufactured and now how there are being manufactured. They are fully automated.

So in the near future, this thing will become mainstream.


3) Travel Agents – There was a time when you used to contact a travel agent in order to get yourself some good Hotels and stuff. But things have changed now.

Think about this, when was the last time you contacted one.

Yes, of course, there are still many but the numbers are decreasing daily.

Things like Airbnb and Booking apps are completely changing the scenario. Airbnb has already disrupted the Hotel industry with a revolutionary business model.

And other bookings apps are already there for tickets and other stuff.

So there is no need for any other guy to do this for us. It is that simple now.


4) Construction Workers – As we have discussed before. Majority of the work that is labor-intensive and repetitive will be replaced by the machines.

Like, Manufacturing work, the construction model is also changing.

The era is long gone when the majority of the construction works were done by humans.

Now, as the demand for the thing is increasing and mainly in a developing country, the construction companies now need more work done in less time.

Thus moving to the highly advanced and intense machine that can carry out huge works in minutes.

Companies now need a lot of machines and some trainer workers and specialist to look over the work.

This is leading to decreasing in the human workforce and will be more prominent in the future.


5) Printers and Publishers – The face of Media has completely changed over the years. And the way people consume has also changed drastically.

Publishers are already facing huge negative return on the business and as the day goes, the difficulty is increasing.

Think about it, do you actually now buy physical Newspapers to know the News. You already have your social apps to let you know. And they are way faster.

Traditional media is hugely suffering as the consumption system has completely changed.

Audio is on the verge of becoming the next best way to consume content thus affect the traditional print media.

Video is the most favorite way for people to consume content now, so readers are decreasing in numbers.

Some of the biggest publishers are also facing this problem in a big way, so be careful.



So we hope that you got some information about the few things we are predicting.

And this list is in no way to tell the exact future as we said earlier, but to help out others with some thought we have.



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