How to Make MONEY while You SLEEP! Power of Passive Income

So this is exactly what Rich people do. I mean seriously they make their Money work for them.


You must have heard about “Passive Income”, it is like you make money out of something with which you are not actively involved now. Something you have done in the past is making you Money Now.


Passive Income has drastically changed the whole theory of earning money. There was a time, when you only get paid for the hours you work for and it is still there but this concept is now taking over a lot of people.


By definition – Passive Income is when you create a product, service in the past and it enables you to earn Money from that, from years to come with no further efforts!


It is not actually hard and neither you need a special skill to do that. Any person can just learn the techniques and can increase their total earning by 10x if not 50x.


But there is something Important before we start. The thing is Passive Income will take you to work for around 1-3 months before you actually get to earn some good cash. And one the system is up and running, you will be able to make money without even further effort, if you don’t want to work.


Let’s find out the Ways in which you can Earn Real Money as your PASSIVE INCOME.


1)Selling  Stock Photos or Music

Photography has been in the trend since years but earlier it was really hard to make money from photography. Especially if you are just clicking pictures as a sort of hobby and not really providing any kind of Professional Photography or Videography service to anyone.


But now it is easier than ever to earn money from photography. If you have a decent camera and skills to create a good output, then you are ready to make money online!


The same thing goes for music creators!


You can just start making Beats and sell it online. If you want fame then upload it on Youtube for free. This will increase the chance for You to get clients as early as possible. You can set up your very own website (nowadays setting up a website is the easiest thing) and can start selling your works instantly!


Marketing companies and other creators are always looking for good stock Photos and Music to use in their projects. This enhances their work and meanwhile, they pay you the money for the same. If you have your own website then you can directly sell them from there or you can take the help of some websites as Alamy, Shutterstock.

Although they do take a part of your money as the service charge.


In case of Music, you can directly contact Vloggers or others creators and sell them your music, as that will even give you an Exposure to their audience, which may end up being a huge thing.

You can use SoundCloud to upload your songs and get paid as people download it.


2)Dividend Investing through Stock market

It has been in use for Years now. People make Real Money in this thing.

Investing in stocks and then earning dividend or interest is a great way of earning some real Passive income. There are different kinds of investors in the Stock market, but mainly Active Investors and Passive Investors. Over here, we will talk about the Passive one.


Now it is a little bit different from Normal investment. When you are looking for Dividend Investing, your portfolio should look a bit different from others. You should be very picky about the stocks you choose and should highly consider the Long-Term Vision.

Now the thing is, to rely upon the dividend as a good source of passive income, you need to invest a good amount of money up front. 


Moreover, you should diversify your investments, that is to buy stocks of at least 5 companies, if not 8/10. This ensures that even if one company fails to provide you with a good amount of dividend that year, you can easily cover it up with the dividend from others.


How to choose the stocks, what are the things to consider are of a separate topic (investing).


The goal is to Invest money in different businesses.  And as they make a profit, you get your good amount of profit share as Dividend without even working for that business !!


These are just Two ways of earning Passive Income, but there are several others. And we will publish more method in the near Future.

So consider sticking with for more updates.



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