The Industries that can Blow Up in Future!

The world is now changing at such a rapid pace, that it is frankly quite difficult to predict the Future. Technology has taken over everything and it has been changing every Industry in different ways.

Things are so unpredictable nowadays.

It has changed the face of Humanity. Now the question is Where will Go Now?

So without further delay let’s discuss some of the possible Outcomes. And what will the NEXT BIG THING!

1) Automation

Everything will be Automated!

Believe me, in this everything around you, will be Automated.

No matter what any Industry does, they will try the best possible way to Automate the work.

Think about your surroundings, and just walk down your memory lane. You will surely notice that so many things which used to be done by humans are now done my Machines.

And it has been integrated into your Life is such a way, now you cannot even think of doing that work without that Machine (Bit of an Exaggeration).

Again think about how Fast the SELF DRIVING Car technology is moving ahead. Maybe after a year or two you will also own a Self Driving Car.


So many Companies are even testing the prototypes on Road. Although it is still not mainstream it will be and it will SOON!


As Technology and Way of Living changes, people will try all the things to save their TIME. And What is more suitable than Automation to do work.

2) Green Energy / Renewable Energy

From the last Point only, we came to the conclusion that Machines will become a Very Important part of our Daily Life. It is already an Important part.

But things have just Started. There is a Lot to Come.


But In order to Run any kind of Machines, what we need is ENERGY.

Now, with Time, Human have used up Majority of the NON-RENEWABLE resources like Oil, Coal, etc.

Thus what will in more demand than anything is – RENEWABLE resources.

Everything will need energy for smooth working. In fact there will be MASSIVE NEED for energy.So more and more people will focus on Green Energy.

These can be Solar, Water, Air. It is in Itself one of the biggest industry and people have already taken big steps in this Industry.

so It is the Best time to Become a part of this Industry and to make some money.


3) Artificial Intelligence


As AI is getting better day by day, It is not far that we will be in a world where Everything will be INTERCONNECTED, with things like Smart Homes, smart cars, smart Everything.

And SYSTEMS will understand our Surroundings better than we do.

Our behavior will be Highly Influenced by AI.


AI will make Life Easier and Faster thus giving it’s Industry the chance to Dominate the World.

This is something nobody can ignore.


So these the Industry that I believe to be the Next Big things.

If you believe there is Something else, then comment below to let all of us know!



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