Top 15 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

It is super important to become Productive in your Life.
If you have ever dreamt of anything or have any Goals, then productivity as a whole plays a huge role in achieving it.
So, here are Top 15 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs that will transform your life today:

             1)Feed your mind. Your Mind is your Greatest Asset. In order to set yourself up for success each day, start by feeding your mind positive material. Inspirational stories and personal development are my go-to books.

             2)Exercise. It can be a great part of your success.  Exercise keeps your body and mind working towards your goal. It’s amazing how effective a short 15-minute workout can be in helping you get things done.

             3)Use the sleep cycle. Use a sleep cycle to wake up with Full Energy. The sleep cycle can be different for everyone so find yours and stick to it.

             4)Eat that Frog. This is the whole concept of Brian Tracy’s best-selling productivity book with the same name. Get them off your to-do list as quickly as possible. Get them done at first and then you will feel light weighted.

              5)Don’t touch your phone in the 1st hour of the day. It has been seen that when people don’t use their phone in the morning, they tend to become less distracted. This is because in the morning your mind remains fresh and energetic and that when you should do the most important work

              6)Emails. After meetings, emails take up the most amount of time in most entrepreneurs’ lives. Try to check email 2 times a day.

              7)To do list. Being goal oriented and live the day with purpose is very important. So make a to-do list and try to follow through it.


             8) Use background music. Use music in order to increase your focus on work.

             9)Make 60 secs decision. This is important. As an Entrepreneur, you will have to take a lot of decisions throughout the day, and thus taking up a lot of brain energy. So try to decide fast.

           10)Don’t Multitask. Multitasking actually lowers your IQ. Although it might seem a good idea to multitask, it is not.

           11)Learn to say “NO”. Do not think before saying No to someone or something if it doesn’t directly impact your Goal.

           12)Use the “Pomodoro” technique. It is the process of 25 Mins of start work and then 5 mins of rest. This helps in getting things done fast.

           13)Avoid Meetings. Meetings are mostly a Waste of Time and thus try to avoid it. If in case it is necessary then try to make it within 20 mins.

           14)Drink more water. It is very important to keep your body Hydrated. So keep drinking water to maintain a sharp focus on your work.

           15)Reconnect with your “WHY”. Always remember yourself why you started all this. This makes your head clear and thus helps you maintain a clear focus on your Goal.

Now let’s talk about some of the Habits of Highly successful Entrepreneurs.

This will help you understand the Mindset behind all these.
Elon Musk starts his day with emails.
Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink. He is all about Technological Advancements and has shown the world what all Technology can do.
So How does he manage all those projects on a day to day basis?
It all starts at 7 a.m., with a half-hour period of addressing “critical emails.”
Musk focuses on filtering out any emails or communications that aren’t critical, and instead focusing on catching up only the most important items.
This period helps him understand the day and to prioritize his work.
Jeff Bezos uses the “two-pizza rule.”
Anyone with professional experience has known for the fact that most of the time the results of any meeting is just a “waste of time”.
The meeting can be of great use if done correctly but most of the time, due to poor planning in all, it turns out to be bad.
That’s why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos uses the “two-pizza rule”: He never invites more people to a meeting than two pizzas could sufficiently feed.
This helps him keep the number of people less and effective and also to convey and communicate the main points clearly to each one of the members.
Steve Jobs focused on only the best ideas.
Steve Jobs. maybe one of the most productive leaders and visionary. One of his most important productivity hacks was filtering out everything that wasn’t a top-notch idea.
Jobs used to collect a list of 100 ideas from his top executives on how Apple could improve in the next year.
He immediately crossed out anything he thought was dumb, then kept crossing things out until he had a “top 10” list.
Out of those 10, he kept only 3, and get laser-focused on that 3 ideas for the next year.
This has been of super help in order for Apple to become the biggest Company in the History
So these were all the Hacks and Real-Life examples of How to become super Productive.
Now it’s up to you to use it to the fullest and find your own sweet spot.


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