Top 5 Books for Every Aspiring Millionaire 


You must have known by this time that Leaders are the Readers.
And this is actually true. Look the more you read the right kind of contents, the more you learn.
And as you learn more and become knowledgeable, you actually become better than many of your competitor.
You need to cultivate a successful mindset and learn how to develop the right product in the right marketplace.
Now you got an Edge over other.
But of course, you got to read the right books.
If you are serious about becoming a millionaire, you must be smart about investing your money and making good financial decisions. You have to know how to gain power and hold your own on the rocky shores of the business world.
So where should you start?
This list of 5 books which you may consider as a beginner or may as a continuation if you have already started.
1. The CEO Next Door, by Elena L. Bothelho


The book is actually a thorough case study on CEOs.
It has conducted over 2600 different CEOs and the reason for such extensive study was to find out the 4 Different drivers that create and keep a Great CEO.
It can be one of the most important books for a CEO.
It talks about everything that matters.
You will find what exactly drives Great CEOs, what are their decision parameters.
What trends they had, and so much more.
This is a must-read.
2.    Money: Master the Game, by Tony Robbins


This is a must-read for anyone who wants to make their money work for them and achieve true financial freedom.
Rich people have a concept of Making Money Work for them, and this exactly what “Money” does tell you.
One of the lessons Robbins details is setting up a “freedom fund,” which is the investment fund that will eventually set you free.
Your money needs to be building interest year after year.
This can be Your road towards Financial Freedom
3. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker


This book looks at how your relationship with money is determined by patterns that have been ingrained in you through your upbringing. Your parents are your first role models when it comes to managing finances.
We have seen how our parents deal with their Money. And that eventually creates a Pattern, which we follow thereafter towards our Finance.
If you want to take full control of your finances, you have to recognize these thought patterns and adopt the habits and mindset of millionaires.
That will set you free from Scarcity Mindset.
4. The Multiplier, by Liz Wiseman


Great book for an Entrepreneur.
This is actually the story of How Some people in Organisations, always Multiply themselves.
It will tell you exactly about How and Why some people focus on Multiplying themselves and some not.
What quality helps those people to achieve their Goals.
It is a very In Depth book, so a must read.
5. The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene


The 48 Laws of Power takes an irreverent look at the fundamental characteristics of power.
It helps you understand how power works, how to use it to your advantage and how to defend yourself when others wield power against you.
So if you are an entrepreneur hoping to gain the upper hand in the market, or anyone looking to acquire power, this is the book for you.
It will unleash the secrets to Power.
So this is the List of 5 books that you should read.

Moreover, we will provide with more such recommendations, so stay tuned.



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