Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs

Movies can be really BAD and sometimes it can be really really GOOD.

Movies are all about storytelling and on the other hand, the life of an entrepreneur is not less than an adventurous story.

With all the ups and downs that an entrepreneur faces throughout a journey can easily be shown as a movie.

And Movies are about Imagination, and Entrepreneurs are Thinkers so some good movies can really help entrepreneurs.

So, today we will see Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs that I liked and might also be the same for you.

Without further ado, let’s discuss.

List of Top 5  Movies

1) GodFather – This is a kind of movie that teaches you about everything that will and definitely will come on your way towards success.

It teaches you about creating, managing, dealing with conflicts, Leadership, competitors.

You will know about the power that comes and the respects and all other stuff.

You will learn a lot from this movie as an Entrepreneur. A must watch


2) The pursuit of Happyness – This is a real-life story of Chris Gardner. A real Rags to Riches story.

This is a very inspirational story and shows all the struggle that you may have to go through.

It is a story of Father and Son, and how they survive the period.

He made zero excuses and worked like hell. Hustle at the finest.

A lot can be learned from the movie. Great movie.


3) GoodFellas – You have the legendary Robert De Niro, so can fully be confident about the movie even if I tell nothing.

It is all about Values and Principles because sometimes you people can turn on you.

But don’t let that change you on your Values.

This is a good movie to understand deep life stuff.


4) The Social Network – This is the story of Facebook. How it was build and What went behind it.

It was about Mark, the Founder of Facebook. It was when Facebook was just an Idea.

He was in his 18th and they were trying to build this company and how he worked Real hard. And how the whole Vision came into place. And also about the dark side of the process. How your idea can be stolen and what are all the obstacles that can come on your way.

It is a great movie for new entrepreneurs, about hard work, vision, and beliefs.


5) The Wolf of the Wall Street – This is a real-life story of Jordan Belfort.

He was actually known as the Wolf of the Wall Street. He is great at selling and Story revolves around all that.

It shows how a normal guy with only his hard work and skills, build a company which has been the fastest-growing company.

And also how, his own mistakes and greed destroyed his life and business.

This can be a great lesson for entrepreneurs and thus a good watch.



So this was the list pf The Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs and I really hope you will also like it.

And if you have any movie which you would like to add on this list then please leave a comment at the end.


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