Top 6 Books for Teenage Entrepreneurs.

So you are a Teenager and Must be thinking about getting into Entrepreneurship or have already started. That’s great. It can be one of the most important decisions of your Life.


Now, being an Entrepreneur is Difficult and thus you need some skills and knowledge to get an edge over others. This brings you to books.


There are Many great books out there to gain knowledge and Wisdom from.

But in this List, we will talk about the Top 6 Books for Teenage Entrepreneurs.


These books have a chosen while keeping in mind that the readers get all the necessary knowledge, to begin with their Journey and also to make them stand apart from the crowd.


Without further ado, let’s begin with the books.



Made in America – This book tells you the Story of Sam Walton. He is the Founder of WALMART. This is a guy, who has started from nothing and then build such a Massive Business.

He was no special. But his Work Ethic and his dedication towards giving the Best to his customers made him such wealth.

Today, Walmart has 2.2 Million Employees WorldWide. S it’s a must to Know his Systems and Mindset.


The Lean Startup – So as a teenager, you must have some idea about being an entrepreneur, or you have tasted some stuff in the entrepreneur. If you have seen then you know, in order to turn an idea into reality, you will have to go through a lot.

You will find that you have to become very calculative and sincere about every step you take. The money will always be an Issue.

So this Book will teach you about HOW TO CAN STAY LEAN and ADAPTIVE TO INNOVATION in order to successfully stay in the Market.


Blue Ocean Strategy – It’s all about Strategy. It will actually help your Mind process issue and see things through a different Perspective.

It will help you do your Business way better than you would have ever imagined.

For all that, you will need a strategy and if you get the strategy part Right, then you have an edge over other.


Rich Dad Poor Dad – It has been a Bestseller for Year, and there is a reason for it. When you get into this phase of life. Things can go little for your Finance.

You will have to learn about the Principle of Money and How to Manage it. Personal Finance will become an Important part of your Life. This is where this Book will help you tremendously. It will teach you about the best habits, principles, the lesson about how you should behave and decide in certain situations.

This is a great book on Personal Finance.


The Snowball – It is all about Long-Term thinking and it is very Important. Nowadays, things are changing so rapidly that people are missing on one of the most important factor, Long-Term thinking.

The Great Warren Buffett made almost all his Wealth on this Principle. SO it is really important, especially in this Era.


How to Win Friends and Influence People – This is one of the Best Book written by Dale Carnegie. He has been a great teacher in the field of personal development, interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and others.

This books will teach you about Communication, Effective Conversations, Building teams, Understanding Human relations, making new friends.

These skills are very important for any individual, and even more for an Entrepreneur, because his/her work is to deal with people.

So this is a must read.



All the books listed have a great source of Knowledge and Skill sets to many Entrepreneur and will also do the same for You.
Now, your task is to know and learn the skills and knowledge and then to apply those on your life. Application is way more important than knowledge. So go ahead and start your Journey towards Success.




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