Podcast has been a Habit of Many Successful people. It can actually be a great habit for you. This helps you get some of the most valuable Informations without even disturbing your regular tasks.

It is like a Cup of Tea, just refreshes you and your Mind.

So, in order to help you get the Best Entrepreneurial Stuff out of the Podcast World, here is the list of Top 9 Podcasts that Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To.


1)MFCEO Project Podcast – Andy Frisella has built a $175 million Empire from scratch.


In his podcast, MFCEO, Frisella, shares his business advice, offers listeners free insights that have helped him build a variety of such massive empires.


MFCEO is the perfect listen for all the aspiring Entrepreneurs.

2)The Growth Show – As the name suggests. It is all about GROWTH.


Expansion is a nature of successful businesses, and the podcast provides some of the best advice on the growth of your Organisation.


3)Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman was a member of the PayPal and the founder of LinkedIn.


Now, he is the host of Masters of Scale as well as a partner at Greylock Partners, an elite VC firm in Silicon Valley.

Hoffman is an expert when it comes to turning businesses into billion-dollar companies.


This makes the show profound.


4)Recode Decode – The podcast is hosted by tech journalist Kara Swisher.


Swisher interviews tech founders, journalists, and politicians to provide readers with a variety of perspectives on the relationship between technology and society.


5)Youpreneur FM – If you are interested in Personal Branding, then this is your thing.

Chris Ducker, an expert in creating Personal, is featured in the podcast.


The whole conversation goes around a valuable lesson on How to Create Personal Brand, How to Monetize it, and all.


Personal Branding Age!


6)StartUp – If you are about to Kick-start your Business, then you are in the right place.


The whole podcast is about real life stories and how people have struggled and won in their life and business.


It covers many aspects of the business so it can be of Great Value to New Entrepreneur.


7)HBR Ideacast – The Harvard Business Review is the media organization associated with Harvard Business School.


It features Harvard professors, business practitioners, and experts discussing a variety of research-based findings that can help entrepreneurs find their way faster!


8)The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferris is the author of The Four Hour Work Week, and also hosts.


Tim Ferriss is well known for a great way of living such a Highly Productive LIfe.


It can be a good choice for one who is willing to find that balance in their life.


9)Jocko Podcast – Jocko is a retired NAVY SEAL.


He has a lot of experience under his name. Jocko has been a Great Leader and that’s what you get from the Show.


He drops massive knowledge of Leadership and Management.

The energy of the whole show is Next Level and it can literally give you the Inspired Feel.


This was my take on the best podcasts, and if you know any more, then don’t forget to comment and let us know.





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